Pre-Con Builders has been delivering Butler Steel building systems for over 50 years

Sustained investment in advanced technology for computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has allowed Butler’s team of engineers and research scientists to continually challenge the industry with innovative products.  The Butler Manufacturing Company (Canada) Ltd.  was established in 1952.  Since then with an ongoing commitment as a primary supplier of high-quality products and services in the non-residential construction market, it has grown into North America’s leading manufacturer of Steel Building Systems encompassing a full range of construction and building related materials.  Assisted by Butler’s “Advantage” Computer Pricing System, Pre-Con Builders can design and price any size of steel building project using the vast resources available at Butler.  Please feel free to contact us or Butler direct for more information on their family of construction and building related materials.

Everyone needs a good roof over their heads

Since 1969, Butler has installed the MR-24 roof system on over one billion square feet of buildings all over the world.  The MR-24 roof system is specified more than any other standing seam roof.  Throughout much of the country the built-up roof, and more recently, the single-ply roof, have traditionally been accepted as the standards for all types of buildings.  At the same time, owners have also traditionally accepted the problems often associated with those roofs – leaks, poor energy efficiency and constant maintenance costs.  These problems cost owners millions of dollars in maintenance or replacement costs plus losses of inventory, damaged machinery and production time.  Now, owners and architects are using standing seam roof systems for solutions to these age-old roof problems.

Move with Expansion and Contraction

The MR-24 roof performs day after day because of its ability to move with the forces of expansion and contraction.  A unique clip with a sliding stainless steel tab allows the roof to move up to 2 1/2-inches as it reacts to daily and seasonal temperature changes.  The stainless steel tab is securely seamed into the MR-24 panels by the patented Roof Runner roll forming machine.  The portable Roof Runner forms a 180″ full Pittsburgh double-lock seam along the entire length of the panel.  (It’s the same seam used to seal oil storage drums, beverage cans and fuel tanks.) Built-up roofs fail because of their inability to deal with Mother Nature.  Temperature changes, freeze/thaw cycles and standing water all combine to tear at built-up roofs.  The oils begin to evaporate; felts begin to dry out; and as the roof begins to move, cracks and splits appear and moisture enters the openings.  Single ply roofs are experiencing deterioration problems caused by environmental pollutants and weather-tightness problems at joints (or laps) caused by material failures.  And unlike the MR-24 system, the soft surface of a single ply roof is very susceptible to damage from roof traffic.  All those problems prompt many owners to choose the MR-24 roof system when roof replacement is necessary.

No More Flat Roofs!

Ponding water from flat roofs magnifies moisture problems and owners eventually find water inside their buildings.  The Butler slope build-up system can provide proper roof slope on any existing roof surface.  It’s designed to be simple, strong and very easy to erect – saving you money on both materials and labor.  The structural members are all pre-punched to align with the roof panels to help assure proper installation.  Thousands of owners have found you can install the MR-24 system right over your existing roof – without interrupting your business below.  You’ll begin to save immediately on maintenance costs. And additional insulation can be added as the roof is installed to help you save even more on energy costs.

Energy Savings for Long Term Cost Benefits

The MR-24 roof, combined with 2, 4, 6 or more inches of fiberglass insulation stops the energy lost through an old, badly deteriorated built-up roof system.  Butler provides a total roof system.  We know that very few roofs are free of obstructions.  And often those obstructions can create places where water can leak in and energy can leak out.  Butler provides more pre-designed solutions for roof conditions because we know your roof must act as a total system.  You don’t just want panels, clips and flashings – you want a complete roof system that’s weather tight.  No matter how many penetrations and problems your current roof has, the MR-24 roof system can give you weathertight security and save long term energy and maintenance costs for years to come.

Rest Assured with a 20-Year Warranty

Your MR-24 roof system can be warranted for weather-tightness for up to 20 years.  You’ll find all the resources of Butler stand behind the performance of the most specified standing seam roof system in the industry.  You’re in good company with a Butler roof system.  Tens of thousands of companies and institutions have chosen and continue to choose Butler roof systems to solve existing built-up roof problems or new construction needs.  Join them in choosing the long-term, proven roof solution.