What is Design-Build?

Design-Build Construction is simply the most cost effective and time efficient method of building. Under the Design-Build methodology, one company accepts total responsibility for a project from conception through completion. Today’s business environment demands that project costs be established and confirmed prior to the commitment of funds for engineering and design. Design-Build places project responsibility and control with a single cohesive team, consisting of the Owner and the Design-Builder. Undertaking a Design-Build Project with Pre-Con Builders provides you, the Owner, with the assurance of top quality engineering, sound design practices, and professional construction management, all from a single source.

Design Build Method Diagram

Design-Build delivers practical, effective advantages to the owner

Lower Total Cost

  • The total project cost is established during the initial stages of project development. Before a contract is signed, a Guaranteed Price is determined based on an agreed-to scope of work. The Owner is then fully protected against cost overruns that may occur throughout the project duration.
  • Cost savings are generated through innovative design and competitive tendering of sub contracts. Proven and practical construction techniques that have been developed over the years of designing and constructing buildings are incorporated into the design. Value is guaranteed by competitively tendering the major portions of the work.
  • Design-Build traditionally has offered lower fees to cover design costs, overhead charges, and profit margin. Fees are substantially less than those charged in the traditional design and tender route.
  • The Fast-Track construction process permits an earlier completion date by overlapping design and construction schedules and pre-ordering the critical components. This results in earlier occupancy date, saving the Owner rental or interest charges, or resulting in earlier revenue streams.

Performance Guarantees

  • Better design translation is achieved through better communication between the team members, due to control of all the variables and undivided responsibility.
  • In consultation with the Owner, the Design-Builder defines both the present and the future requirements and the available resources prior to establishing a scope of work and building criteria.
  • The warranty for both the design and the construction of the finished building is a single contract responsibility. The performance of the finished product is guaranteed to be in accordance with the Owner’s criteria.

Less Complication

  • The Design-Builder relieves the Owner from the usual complexities and problems associated with the building project, leaving him free to concentrate on his daily business responsibilities.
  • The uncomplicated lines of communication ensure flexibility for changes and alterations.


Through our Design Build system we strive to exceed client expectations. Under Design Build system, one company accepts total responsibility for a project from conception through completion. We tailor our services to meet each and every client’s unique goal.

With the latest technology, our In-House Design and Drafting Department works closely with the client and engineers to produce efficient designs for a complete set of working drawings. We use Revit Software.

Pre-Con Builders specializes in Design-Build Construction, where one company accepts total responsibility for a project from conception through completion. With Design-Build Construction, it  places project responsibility and control with a single cohesive team, consisting of the Owner and the Design-Builder.

Our team of Project Managers will work closely with all professionals -site supervisors, sub trades, and engineers to ensure your project is complete on time and on budget.

We have extensive experience working with real estate developers and agents to provide various options on site-layout and development. We can help determine if your site can accommodate the proposed development or we will assist you in locating one that will.

We will work with local utilities to determine your site service requirements for power, gas, water, land drainage and how they can be accessed from your site. In the event services are existing, we will determine their suitability. Where services are not available we will endeavor to provide options.

Pre-Con Builders will provide full engineering and design services for Civil, Structural, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical elements.

Our experienced team of Project Managers, Technicians and Engineers are able to navigate through the National Building Code and Municipal Zoning Regulations to ensure your project complies with all building requirements

We will engage an independent agency to provide an environmental report on contamination that may be present in the land or building. Upon receiving a negative report we will provide pricing for remediation.

Pre-Con Builders has over 100 years of combined management experience in the construction marketplace. This enables us to provide a full and comprehensive range of services to our customers. In order to ensure full service capabilities, we hire and maintain our own staff of skilled professionals, including engineers, project managers, project supervisors and CAD designers. Complementing their skills is an active roster of outside consultants on call as required by the special nature or scope of any project. Pre-Con people are involved in every project, every step of the way. This integrated approach means better quality control, and ultimately, a better quality product to you, our client. We’ve been in the construction business long enough to know that no two projects are alike and in order to meet your objectives, we must be able to call on a wide variety of skills and resources. Our integrated approach gives us that flexibility, and more importantly, the expertise to provide a full range of construction related services including; Design-Build, General contracting and Project Management.

Pre-Con Builders is able to provide customers with customized Lease Back solutions. We work with the customer to develop the building and the budget. When the construction is complete, Pre-Con Builders leases the building back to the customer based on a predetermined agreement established prior to construction. The options available include long-term leasing to short-term buyout options that may be attractive to Owners who may not want to expense extensive start-up capital into a building. Pre-Con Builders is also in a position to provide assistance in land acquisition efforts as part of this Lease Back service offer.

Pre-Con Builders will consult with the City Zoning Department to determine if your project is in conformance with the local governing by-laws. We will determine building setbacks, fire ratings to adjacent structures and parking/loading requirements. If variances or conditional use permits are required we will apply for them on your behalf.

We are able to provide accurate estimates that will enable you to determine your capital costs at the early stages of your project. Our Project Managers and trade consultants have hundreds of years of experience in estimating project costs when there is a limited amount of information available.


In order to ensure full service capabilities, we hire and maintain our own staff of skilled Project Managers that are well-versed in all construction methodologies and procedures. We coordinate a team of professionals of different disciplines to achieve the best results. We all have one goal in mind and this is to ensure all projects are delivered on time without exceeding budget.